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By Desai Dental Spa
October 06, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

You want your dentures to last for many years, so it’s important that you understand how to properly care for them.

Even though it can still take some time to get used to your dentures we know that you want to do whatever you can to make sure that denturesthey truly last as long as possible. While dentures aren’t designed to last forever there are certainly things you can do to improve its lifespan. From the office of our Farmington Hills, MI dentist, Dr. Nita Desai, find out how to properly care for your dentures.

Clean dentures after eating: Once you are finished eating you will want to rinse your dentures with water to knock loose any food or debris. Before you rinse your dentures, place a towel on the sink or bathroom counter so if you do happen to drop dentures they will land on a nice, soft surface rather than hard tile, which can cause them to break.

Always be gentle: While dentures may seem all rough and tumble you don’t want to handle them like they are. Dentures can easily be damaged or broken if you manhandle them. Whenever you are dealing with your dentures always take a gentle approach to make sure you don’t bend or break the clasps, especially during cleanings.

Don’t forget about your mouth: Even once you remove your dentures you will want to brush any natural teeth, as well as the tongue and gums to remove food, plaque and bacteria. Gum disease and other infections can occur if you don’t maintain good oral hygiene.

Brush dentures every day: Since dentures are now your new smile it’s important that you treat them like they are. This means brushing them everyday with a denture cleanser to make sure that they stay clean and always look their best. If you use denture adhesive, make sure that you clean all areas to get rid of any leftover adhesive.

Also, make sure that the denture cleanser you use is only used on your dentures and doesn’t actually go in your mouth. In fact, you will want to rinse your dentures thoroughly with water after their cleaning before putting them in.

Know when to see your dentist: Just because you have a new restoration doesn’t mean that visits to our Farmington Hills general dentist are over. Just like everyone else, you will want to come in for your biannual cleanings and to make sure that your dentures are still fitting properly. If dentures are starting to feel loose you will also want to make a trip to our office for an adjustment. Loose dentures can cause sores and infection.

Have questions about caring for your dentures? Are you interested in getting dentures in Farmington Hills, MI? Then it’s time you called Desai Dental Spa.

By Indu Pai D.D.S. & Nita Desai D.D.S. Family Dentistry
May 31, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

If you struggle with failing and missing teeth and wonder if you can achieve a full smile, don't give up! Dr. Indu Pai and Dr. Nita Desai denturescraft durable and lifelike dentures for their Farmington Hill, MI patients. People missing multiple or even all of their teeth due to decay, injury or gum disease can experience great smile function and aesthetics, too.

When Teeth are Missing

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentists, more than 30 million Americans are fully edentulous. In other words, they are missing all the teeth in the top or bottom arches.

Loss of even one tooth begins a process of smile deterioration. Teeth adjacent to a smile gap weaken and shift toward the empty space. Gums and underlying bone recede. With substantial tooth loss, faces take on a sunken, aged appearance as facial musculature sags.

In addition, the ability to eat a normal diet changes, and people lisp and slur their words when they speak. And then, there's the embarrassment of missing teeth. The social and professional toll can be quite heavy.

Smile Restoration in Farmington Hill with Dentures

Typically, dentists craft dentures from tooth- and gum-colored acrylic. Based on oral impression and the dentist's treatment plan, a specialized dental lab makes dentures that support facial structure, fill gaps and allow for normalized speaking and eating.

Dentures come in several types depending on patient need, budget and preference. They include:

  • Immediate dentures--placed right after tooth extraction. These prosthetics allow the patient to go home from the dentist's office with a full set of teeth in place. They also speed healing, acting as a band-aid of sorts on new extraction sites. However, because gums and bones shrink over time, immediate dentures require relining or replacement quickly.
  • Conventional dentures--placed after oral tissues heal. These dentures do not need relining or replacement and are usually the treatment of choice. They stay in place with the natural suction of the mouth.
  • Removable partial dentures--replacing one or more teeth adjacent to each other or scattered throughout the arch. Made of acrylic and mounted on a metal frame, a "partial" stays in place with metal clasps and is removed for oral hygiene.
  • Implant-supported dentures--Either fixed or removable, implant-supported dentures are very stable and feel natural. They attach to the jaw bone via titanium implants, providing tooth replacement that is second to none.

Are you a Candidate for Dentures?

If you are in good overall health and have sufficient gum tissue and bone, you most likely can get dentures from Drs. Pai and Desai. The dentist will fully evaluate your mouth, take impressions and formulate a care plan specific to your needs. Also, she will provide adjustments and follow-up as needed so you enjoy your new smile.

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