Save Your Tooth With A Root Canal
By Desai Dental Spa
August 04, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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How a root canal can help your smile

root canal
If you have a tooth that you think may need to be removed, think again! Once you remove the tooth you will be faced with a permanent gap in your smile. You could choose to fill the gap with dental bridgework or a dental implant, but a natural tooth is always best.

Instead, why don’t you restore the health of your tooth with a root canal? Modern root canal techniques make the procedure easy and a great way to preserve your smile. Your dentist at Desai Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan wants to help you keep your full, beautiful smile with root canal therapy.

A root canal, also called an endodontic procedure, will relieve your pain and restore the health of your tooth by removing the diseased tissue inside your tooth. Your dentist at Farmington Hills makes a small opening on the top of your tooth and uses tiny instruments called files to remove the diseased tissue. Then they will place a sedative filling inside your tooth which helps to relieve inflammation and pressure. After a “calming down” period, your tooth will be filled with inert material and sealed permanently with a filling.

That’s it! That’s all there is to a root canal! A root canal from your Farmington Hills dentist can restore the health of a tooth that is badly decayed, traumatized or infected so that the tooth can be treated with a dental crown. Your full chewing function will be restored, and your smile will return!

In most cases if you can save your tooth, you should; and now you can save it, with root canal therapy. Sometimes you may feel pain with decay or dental infection, but not always! Teeth can die with no symptoms at all. That’s why it’s so important to visit your dentist at Farmington Hills to determine the health of your smile.

So if you are thinking about just getting rid of that painful tooth, don’t do it! Consult your dentist in Farmington Hills to see if a root canal can restore the health of your tooth and give you back your smile. Call your dentist at Desai Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Don’t wait when it comes to the health of your smile! Call today!